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  • Len Carter | Above ground pool step | Biltmor #5005

    These stairs replaced the standard 3 step pool ladder that we have had for years. We purchased these mainly for our grandkids and our kids dogs but I will admit that we will probably enjoy the easier in-and-out access as well. Assembly was very straightforward and the instructions were clear. I put it together myself in approximately 35 - 45 minutes. However, when we slid the stairs into the pool we were surprised to see that the two deck brackets attached to the top of the the stairs were suspended 3" above the deck even at their lowest setting. We were a little dismayed to discover that because we have a 30' x 15' rectangular "on-ground" pool (which has both a 42" shallow end and a 5' deep end) our shallow end does not meet the minimum depth of 48" which is standard for most above ground pools. So, in order to securely anchor the deck brackets to our deck I had to build a 3" high deck step using deck boards (as seen in the photos). So make sure that your pool depth falls within the 48" to 52" range as stated in the product description or you will find yourself having to do some additional work to make these stairs work. Otherwise, we are happy with the stairs and look forward to using them as soon as the weather gets warmer.

  • Cathy | Above ground pool ladder | Self-Latching #9600

    Latching system fell apart after 3 days no details online on how to fix. Need interior schematic.

  • Denise Lay | Above ground pool light | Solar-powered wall-mounted white LED light

    This pool light is awesome very easy to install nice and bright and lasts a long time I definitely would buy again

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