Pool ladders

Our pool ladders are resistant and safe. We offer lightweight and sturdy products that will last you for years. Our resins are UV-resistant and durable.

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Pool steps

Tested and approved by thousands of users for years, our steps are tailored to your needs. We have the widest selection of pool steps in the industry. Year after year, we improve their accessibility and comfort and we have different dimensions that will surely meet your expectations.

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Parts and Accessories

Did you lose a part during winter storage? Did something break over the years? We have a wide selection of parts and accessories for our Innovaplas, Lumi-O, and Access steps.

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Lighting system

Our selection of L.E.D. lights for inground and aboveground pools is highly appreciated by our customers. In addition to offering them with your new swimming pool, we offer the "retro-fit" replacement service for your conventional Lumi-O lights installed several years ago.

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