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PVC Post Bulletin (2022)

We invite you to watch an explanatory video about a notice issued in 2022 concerning PVC posts.

PVC Post Bulletin

Hardware Pack Bulletin (2024)

We invite you to read a notice about a possible issue in 2024 concerning certain steps' hardware pack.

Hardware Pack Bulletin

Warranty registration – step

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Register your step on our website; this will allow us to have quick and easy access to your information and the type of products you purchased. This will be helpful for warranty purposes, if you need to order parts, or if there is a product recall on your step.

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Installation notice or question – Lighting system

We will email you to let you know when we can proceed with the installation. You may also receive a courtesy call if you desire it.

You have a question regarding your installation?

I have a question

Service call – lighting system

You need to repair or simply upgrade your old Lumi-O pool lights to the new white or color L.E.D. system? Call on us to assist you.

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